Guides & Instructions for Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Solutions

Review guides on the Faculty Center, rosters, grades, advising, administrative tasks, and adding/dropping students.

ITS: Password & ID Services

our SF State Password & ID keep your personal information private. Learn how to create or reset yours.

Gator eDegree

This site is a repository to share updates about our adoption of the DPR and paperless process for applications to graduate for Spring 2021. 

How To: Process PRA & Subpoenas

This page goes over recent changes and how to submit PRA or subpoena documents to San Francisco State University.

How To: Approve Majors & Minors

Faculty and Staff Guide to navigating and processing online Change of Major and Minor requests, and how to locate student academic plan history.

How To: Process Online Withdrawals (Faculty)

Please review Academic Policy on withdrawal from Courses. Withdrawing occurs when students remove themselves from classes AFTER the drop deadline.

How To: Process Online Withdrawals (Dept Chairs)

When a withdrawal request is approved by the instructor for one of your department classes, you will receive an email alerting you that the request is ready for review.

Requesting Campus Solutions (CS) Access

Visit the ITS Knowledgebase guide to learn how to request access to the Campus Solutions (CS) PeopleSoft system.

How To: Create Permission Numbers

An instructor or department can issue permission numbers to allow a student to enroll in a class. Permission numbers can be used in a variety of scenarios.

    Please see our Guides & Instructions for Students page for help navigating or using Gateway, the Student Center, and other student-centric processes.