How To: Request & Accept an Incomplete

  1. Open SF State Gateway
  2. Navigate to the LaunchPad menu
  3. Select the Student Center tile
Gateway menu with the student center tile highlighted
  1. Contact either the instructor or course department for the proper procedure.
  2. After following the relevant procedure, an Incomplete Contract is available in the Student Center..

If required by your course department, you can download the petition for an incomplete grade here.

  1. Open the other academic... drop-down menu

    • Select Grades
    • Click the double arrow button
  2. Select a Term if the preset one is incorrect
  3. Locate the class and click the Review Contract link
Grades page showing a incomplete contract link

Look over SF State's Incomplete Policy and Description.

  1. Review the Incomplete Contract Data
  2. Review the Work Required for Removal of "I" Grade
  3. Click the I acknowledge checkbox when ready
Example of incomplete contract with it's fields highlighted

Click Yes when the pop-up confirmation window appears

The verification screen after an incomplete was accepted

The Work Required for Removal of "I" Grade box will show. Verify the Acceptance Date.

Incomplete acceptance window

The link next to the class will change to Accepted

Incomplete acceptance confirmation on the Grades page

What is an "I"

An I (Incomplete Authorized) indicates that a portion of required coursework has not been completed and evaluated in the prescribed period due to unforeseen but fully justified reasons and that there is still a possibility of earning credit.

An I will not be changed after a degree or credential has been awarded, even if it is made up within the designated period. For details, see the Bulletin.

How is an "I" used

It is a student's responsibility to bring pertinent information to the instructor's attention and determine from the instructor the remaining course requirements that must be satisfied to remove the incomplete. A final grade is assigned when the work agreed upon has been completed and evaluated.

What is the time frame to complete an "I"

An I is generally made up within one calendar year immediately following the end of the term it was assigned.

  • This limitation prevails whether or not continuous enrollment is maintained.
  • Failure to complete the assigned work will result in an I being converted to an IC grade.
  • A student cannot re-enroll in a course for which they have received an incomplete until a grade has been assigned.

Failure to complete the assigned work

Failure to meet the terms of an Incomplete Contract will result in an I being converted to an IC grade, unless the faculty member assigns a specific letter grade when the Incomplete Authorized is assigned, which would replace the I in the student's record at the end of the calendar year deadline.

An IC (Incomplete Charged) indicates that a student who received an Incomplete Authorized (I) has not completed the required coursework within the allowed time limit. The IC replaces the I and is counted as a failing grade for grade point average and progress point computation.

If more time is needed

If there are extenuating circumstances and the one-year limit has not passed, the student may request an extension of the one-year limit through a Waiver of College Regulations petition.

  • The course instructor and department chair must approve the petition.
  • Students can not submit these petitions to the Registrars' Office themselves; only SF State Staff or Faculty can submit these forms if approved.

What happens if an Incomplete Contract is not accepted?

An Incomplete Contract will remain on record until the course instructor or department is contacted to have the appropriate grade assigned. A student cannot re-enroll in a course for which they have received an incomplete until a grade has been assigned.