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Frequently Needed Contact Information

The contact information below is often needed in conjunction with services provided through Campus Solutions. Faculty members needing assistance with Campus Solutions data should contact their department representative who will inform the appropriate Reg Coordinator

Contact information for Campus Solutions related services
Services E-mail Phone

Payments, refunds, fee waiver, and financial aid disbursements (Bursar's Office) (415)338-1281

Early Start program (415)405-0436

College of Extended Learning (CEL) and International Affairs Enrollment Services (415)405-7700

Financial aid, loans, scholarships, and AB 540 (415)338-7000

Graduate admissions, advising, and applications (415)338-2234

Registration, adds & drops, grades, transcripts, and diplomas (Registrar's Office)

Registrar Contact Form (415)338-2350

Bookstore / Textbooks (415)338-2665

Undergraduate admissions, advising, applications (415)338-6486

Undergraduate application status (415)338-6486

Undergraduate advising (415)338-2103

Faculty: Rosters and grading issues Dept./College office or (415)338-2350