Rosters & Prerequsites

The following information details how to view a class roster, how to check for class prerequisites, and how to email multiple students on the class roster.

View a Class Roster

To see a video demonstration, please visit: Viewing Your Class Roster


  1. Select the Faculty Center tab
  2. Open the my schedule sub-tab. The My Teaching Schedule section will display all of the instructor's courses
  3. Click the class roster icon (little group of people) for the correct class. The class roster will display all students
  4. Use the Enrollment status drop-down box to narrow the view to enrolled, waitlisted, or dropped students
  5. Optional: To print a class roster, click the Printer friendly version link and print using your browser's print options
  6. Optional: To download a class roster (Excel), click the Download (spreadsheet with arrow) icon and follow your browser's instructions

Note: To download information from a class roster, browser pop-ups must be enabled.

View a Waitlist Roster (coming soon)


Check for Class Prerequisites

To see a video demonstration, please visit: Prerequisite Class Roster


  1. Login to the SF State Gateway
  2. Select Class Services
  3. In the Prerequisite Roster section, select the term from the drop-down box
  4. Click the Go button (double arrow)
  5. View the class list:
    • Faculty: The class list displays all of the instructor's courses
    • Staff and administrators: Use search boxes (Class ID/Title, Class Category, Class Type) to search for individual classes
  6. Select the check box for the roster(s) you would like to view
  7. Click the Get Class Roster button
  8. The class roster displays enrollment information for all students. To view just the waitlisted students, click the Skip to Waitlist as of ... link
  9. Enter prerequisite items:
    • Classes: Enter the discipline and course number (e.g., ENG 114) for a prerequisite class in the Enter prerequisite course box
    • Tests: Use the Select test type drop-down box to select a test
    • Click Add - A column will be added to the class roster with test results or the grade earned in the prerequisite course
      Note: Up to 13 columns can be added to a class roster
  10. Select which columns to view by clicking the Show / Hide columns button
  11. Optional: Save a copy of the Prerequisite Roster: Click the Save to CSV (Excel) button and follow your browser's instructions to save the file
  12. Optional: Print a copy of the Prerequisite Roster: Click the Print button


Email Students from the Class Roster

  1. In the Notify column of the class roster, check the box for each student who should receive the message
  2. Click Notify selected students
  3. Compose your message in the Message Text box
  4. Click the Send Notification button