About Campus Solutions

Campus Solutions Project Overview

CMS (Common Management System) is the umbrella term for the PeopleSoft applications that provide access to data stored in campus and common databases (Oracle databases). Within the CMS suite, Campus Solutions is the new product name for software previously released as Student Administration (SA).

The Campus Solutions implementation project is part of the CMS initiative which involves 23 California State University (CSU) campuses and includes the implementation of Human Resources, Financials, and Student Administration (Campus Solutions) software.

SF State has been working since 2012 to replace the SIMS student information system. SF State is the 22nd campus in the CSU system to adopt Campus Solutions. By joining other CSU campuses, SF State is now prepared to leverage the resources of the entire CSU to maintain the data systems required to adequately manage and report student information.

Campus Solutions will bring all of SF State's communications together to students, providing SF State with the ability to send students a complete package of information when they apply to the university.

Full implementation of Campus Solutions is a major undertaking spanning several years and involving virtually every department on campus. As SF State works to implement Campus Solutions and to create a more user-friendly experience, feedback is welcomed. Please submit a service request to report any issues or recommend enhancements. Your assistance and patience is appreciated, as SF State transitions to the Campus Solutions system.