Campus Solutions

Campus Solutions is the common California State University (CSU) student information system. SF State has been working since 2012 to replace the previous student information system, SIMS, with Campus Solutions. The new system brings together the entire student administration life cycle, from application through admission and financial aid status to registration, viewing grades, tracking academic requirements and progress, and applying for graduation and requesting official transcripts. Implementing Campus Solutions also prepares San Francisco State to work with the other CSU campuses to provide new services, such as, business intelligence to improve student success and mobile apps to make it easier for all access the information they need.


This project is a major undertaking involving virtually every department on campus. The initial implementation does not deliver the ideal system - with all the bells and whistles we expect - but we will continuously improve the system and work towards a better, more user friendly experience for the entire campus over time. Please share your feedback with the CS team on what is working, what seems broken now, and what enhancements you would like to see in the future. We appreciate your assistance and patience as we make this transition together.


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